Trek to Joy

Category: Attitude

Finding Joy Amongst Negativity

So I go out into the world and most of the time everyone is happy, helpful and nice. But some days I find everyone to be rude, disrespectful and down right mean. So yesterday I got a little bit of both, I found some people to be kind and helpful and others to be rude…

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Enjoy Life

So I ask myself what brings me joy? Right off the bat, I know it is my children and my dog. Sadly, my husband sometimes makes me happy and joyful but life has caused us heartaches. I also cannot say it is my extended family, because I have never found joy with them. The joy…

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New Year, New Attitude

It is a New Year and a New Start. Joy can be a part of your life at any time but what better time then to create Joy at the beginning of a New Year. Joy is a choice, as is Happiness. For some Joy seems to be elusive and others aren’t even seeking Joy,…

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