Trek to Joy

Finding Joy After Tragedy

I said in the beginning I would write once a week, and I did for a while then life got in the way. I found events in the world would disrupt my flow and disturb my soul, to the point I found it hard to write.

In the last couple of weeks things have happened that have disturbed everyone. My heartbreaks knowing that there are people bent on destroying the very thing we should hold dear our lives and freedoms. We ask ourselves why, but the answer for most of us eludes us. We are not in their minds, yet they seem bound and determined to destroy this way of life. Our freedoms are being stripped due to the few out to create chaos and destruction. The only way to fight them is through compassion and love. This is the true way to win this battle.

How do we find joy after such tragedy? We feel guilty for even thinking of trying to continue with our lives and enjoying them when so many are dying. But this is their goal to take away our joy, freedoms and lives. Joy is within us.

Tragedy can prevent you from finding your zest for life. Tragedy can  cause people to continually relive the tragedy in their mind over and over again (PTSD). But by reliving this it prevents us from moving forward.

Trying to learn, grow, forgive, love, find compassion and empathy from tragedy is the goal. Tragedy can tear us down or build us up. We need to not be afraid but embrace the love, beauty, compassion, empathy and kindness that can come out of any tragedy.

An amazing article by Halina Goldstein on this very topic can be found at called “After Tragedy: 3 Reasons and 21 Ways to Bring Joy Back into Your Life”.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”   Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”  Joseph Campbell

“Life is a tragedy full of joy.”  Bernard Malamud