Trek to Joy

Finding the Positive in the Negative

Fourteen years ago I woke up to go to work and turned on the TV to a horrific scene. At first I thought why are they showing a movie in the morning during news time. It looks like a “Die Hard” movie. Then I realized this was real. The rest of the day I watched in horror as our world was turned upside down. I was in shock, disbelief and over come with sadness. My heart goes out to everyone who experienced and witnessed such a horrible act.

Two years ago I personally experienced a horrible experience that still haunts me to this day. It was an experience that could have never been anticipated yet it happened.

Needless to say this is not a good day for anyone, yet with every negative experience there comes some very positive ones. I don’t know if this is the world’s way of balancing everything out or what, but it is hard to find joy in such chaos and sadness. Yet we all seem to try and find it.

Joy is a state of mind. Coming to finding joy is a way of finding peace and acceptance in what is. Realizing that everything has purpose and trying to find the positive in the negative. Which sometimes is hard to find. Make life a game of hide and seek and try and find the positive things in your world amongst the chaos. Happy searching.

Empowerment is the inner joy of knowing that external force isn’t necessary to be at harmony with oneselfDr. Wayne Dyer