Trek to Joy

Positive or Negative Thinking

How can you find joy when you are consumed with negative images and negative thoughts? Negativity can take over if we let it. Some days are worse than others. Some days we suffer every minute and it is painful. When does it stop, when will it stop, how do you stop it? These are the questions that never really get answered by anyone. You have to change your thinking. How do you do that? Maybe by focusing on the positive, finding that positive in the negative can be hard especially when the negative consumes you.

Changing my thinking, well I am trying but I can’t seem to do it. Not when negative things keep happening. But really are the negative things or positive things in disguise. Why would positive hide from us? Why would positive avoid us? When you feel hopeless does negative follow you or does positive surprise you?

A women was driving around downtown trying to find a park but couldn’t cause she didn’t have a credit card to pay for parking and didn’t have $21.00 in change. She went from parking lot to parking lot only to find she couldn’t afford any of them. She was late for her bankruptcy hearing, which by the way they take your credit cards from you when you file. So exactly how is she to pay for parking that she can’t afford or doesn’t have the means to pay for. A very nice woman at the parking lot where she was having her meltdown over heard her cry and paid for her parking.

Now is this a positive story or a negative story? I can see it both ways. Yet the other day, I was madder that the world was throwing roadblocks in front of everyone just trying to live. So back then I might have seen it as negative. However, today when I am in a better mood I would see this as positive. The fact that a complete stranger helped this woman by paying for her $21.00 parking fee, is amazing. And she asked for nothing in return. It makes you realize there are very good people in this world that truly go unnoticed and unappreciated sometimes.

What am I joyful about today?  That there are really good people in this world and if we as a society would focus on that then this world would be amazing!

For every act of unkindness, there are a million kind acts. Dr. Wayne Dyer

Those that think the world is a dark place are blind to the light that might illuminate their lives. Dr. Wayne Dyer