Trek to Joy

Stealing Joy

Is it external or internal when you feel like your joy has been stolen? October must have been a test and I definitely succeeded at times and failed at other times. It definitely has been a challenging month and now here I am into November and it looks like it will be even more challenging. I will survive!

At times it feels like other people can actually steal your joy; however, that really is only if you let them, sometimes it is hard not to though. You can only give people permission to hurt you or steal your joy. But really I know we all have been here and I am sorry part of me wants to say that is BS! For people who are sensitive this can easily happen and let’s be honest there are some really mean, vindictive and cruel people in this world. There are people in power positions they shouldn’t be allowed in them. They can destroy other people’s lives for their own enjoyment. It is sad and it definitely steals other peoples joy when they are targeted for whatever reason.

Teachers have bullied my children for several years now. It has been difficult to deal with, and my children have not deserved any of this. So in a desperate effort to protect my children and save their education, I have moved one of my kids to another city and thinking my youngest was safe I left him at the school where it took place, cause he was not experiencing anything. Now two years after my oldest was ABUSED by his teacher, my youngest is now being targeted by his teacher because of my oldest experiences. It has been a trying month dealing with this, and the anger for the ABUSE my children have had to endure due to teachers is horrendous! I am truly disgusted with the whole process and the fact that these teachers get away with this without having to be accountable.

Yes, my joy has been stolen by this act of pure evil. And yes, I am upset about it. But we will survive and I will turn this experience into a valuable lesson for my children and myself to learn from. Hopefully I will be able to use it to teach others as well. I will teach them this is not a reflection on them as much as it is a reflection on these sick-minded teachers (3 of them that I know of and probably more) that get amusement out of ABUSING children. Some people should never be allowed in power positions.

It is our lesson to learn how to regain our joy from these types of experiences. So I am in the process of learning that. If I figure it out then I will let you know.

Part of it is learning how to change your thought process. Some days I have it and other days I don’t but I am learning. It is all in the way you look at it.

“The devil wants to steal your joy because he knows that joy is your strength…that is why sometimes we need each other.”  Rihanna

“You’d never invite a thief into your house. So why would you allow thoughts that steal your joy to make themselves at home in your mind?”  Unknown

“The best way to be happy is to turn the negatives into positives. Don’t let anyone steal your joy, and be thankful for what you have.” Unknown

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.” Rita Schiano