Trek to Joy


Over the years I have been observing things being torn down, renovated, reinforced and rebuilt. And this has made me realize that change is inevitable and sometimes things get better than they were. We all don’t like change but it seems to be hitting us in the face these days. You either adapt, accept and…

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Finding the Positive in the Negative

Fourteen years ago I woke up to go to work and turned on the TV to a horrific scene. At first I thought why are they showing a movie in the morning during news time. It looks like a “Die Hard” movie. Then I realized this was real. The rest of the day I watched in…

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Finding Joy In This Screwed Up World

This is my first post and I guess the question on everyone’s mind is what am I going to write/blog about. Well it is in the domain I hope to journal my trek to finding joy in my life. We are all seeking it, but it alludes so many of us. Just when we…

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